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"After lacking the motivation to get fit for a few years I finally took the plunge and enlisted Robert's help. Robert listened to my goals and then developed a custom workout plan tailored to my specific needs, he really takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows on a daily basis.

Every workout is challenging and Rob does a great job at motivating you to give it your best effort, before I used to dread working out and now I look forward to my next session. Robert was also quick to point out some very important tips relating to dietary and lifestyle choices which I found very helpful.

Since I have started training with Robert I have seen massive positive changes in my body composition, and have completely cleaned up my diet leaving me feeling full of energy and more confident than I have ever been."


- Daren V.


"I am pleased to write this testimonial about my experience training with Robert McKenzie, a man who has dedicated his life to healthy nutrition and fitness. When Rob and I began training, I had lost some weight through diet alone, but I was having little success maintaining a fitness routine. At the time, I was struggling with a new job and I was feeling frustrated that I was gaining back some of the weight I had lost.

For the first month we consulted about changes to my diet. Once I had a new nutrition regime in place, we started training at the gym and over the course of the next several months, I trained with Robert twice a week and not only did my fitness improve dramatically, I lost a further 25 pounds. I felt quite overwhelmed by the many positive comments I have received from everyone. I felt like a million bucks.

Robert has patiently guided me without judgment and with great respect for my goals and he understands the challenges of my life. He knows how to get the best out of me and now, I look forward to going to the gym. With Robert’s continued help I am confident that I will continue to succeed with my nutrition and fitness goals."

- Scott W.


"Have found training with Robert, dynamic, motivating and very educational. He really knows his stuff and is all that more inspiring because he really looks like he knows his stuff.

Rob is quite intuitive at knowing how hard to push me – and he pushed me hard enough to get impressive results. I have lost 12 pounds and have really toned up and added muscle.

Very personable, enthusiastic and motivating, Rob has made our workouts a lot of fun. He's also given me great advise on improving my diet."

- Steve M.

Call Rob at 647-863-7231 to talk about your fitness goals and how you can achieve them.